Property Registration Offices in Goa

Property Registration Offices in Goa

Details of Sub registrar Office, Office Address and Telephone Numbers for property registration in Goa are listed below with the location and near by landmark :

Pale Post Office, Pale so, Goa

Post Office Shiroda, Shiroda, Goa

Pale Station Road, Pale so, Near Navdurga School, Goa- 403105
Telephone:  0832-2372264

Kamakshi School Complex, Shiroda, Near Zuari Nagar, Goa- 403103
Telephone:  0832-2306221


Post Office Sada, Sada so, Goa

Post Office Bicholim, Bicholim so, Goa

Vasco Da Gama Headland, Sada so, Near Goa State Co-Operative Bank, Goa- 403804
Telephone:  0832-2520350

Bicholim Industrial Estate, Bicholim Taluka, Bicholim so, Near New Municipal Market, Goa- 403529
Telephone:  0832-2362006, 0832-2363739


Post Office Aquem, Aquem so, Goa

Post Office Canacona, Canacona so, Goa

Aquem Road, Aquem so, Near Cinema Hall, Goa- 403601
Telephone:  0832-2735372

Canacona Road, Canacona so, Near Canacona Market, Goa- 403702
Telephone:  0832-2644983


Post Office Orlim, Orlim so, Goa

Post Office Candolim, Candolim, Goa

Orlim Road, Orlim so, Near Bank Of Baroda, Goa- 403724
Telephone:  0832-2745140

Gram Panchayat Building, Candolim Road, Candolim, Near Candolim Beach, Goa- 403515
Telephone:  0832-2489298


Post Office Parra, Parra so, Goa

Post Office NB Verem, Panaji ho, Goa

Gram Panchayat Building, Parra so, Near Naika Vado, Goa- 403510
Telephone:  0832-2472398

Ins Mandvi, Palinj, Panaji ho, Near Vellhora, Goa- 403109
Telephone:  0832-2402666


Post Office Ponda, Ponda, Goa

Assonora Post Office, Assonora so, Goa

Ponda Temple Road, Ponda, Near Ponda Temple, Goa- 403401
Telephone:  0832-2315327

Fanseco Building, Assonora Station Road, Assonora so, Near Old Market, Goa- 403503
Telephone:  0832-2215221


Baina Post Office, Baina so, Goa

Benaulim Post Office, Benaulim so, Goa

Padkar Building, Baina so, Near Baina Bus Stand, Goa- 403802
Telephone:  0832-2513767

Benaulim College Road, Benaulim so, Near Garcias Church, Goa- 403716
Telephone:  0832-2770173


Betim Post Office, Betim so, Goa

Chicalim Post Office, Chicalim so, Goa

Gram Panchayat Building, Betim Main Road, Betim so, Near Ferry Board, Goa- 403101
Telephone:  0832-2417706

Chicalim Station Road, Chicalim so, Near Kadamba Bus Stand, Goa- 403711
Telephone:  0832-2541746


Betul Post Office, Betul, Goa

Cortalim Post Office, Cortalim so, Goa

Gram Panchayat Building, Betul Road, Betul, Near Kadamba Bus Stand, Goa- 403603
Telephone:  0832-2774844

Gram Panchayt Building, Cortalim Main Road, Cortalim so, Near Thane Market, Goa- 403710
Telephone:  0832-2550239


Colva Post Office, Colva so, Goa

Cuncolim Post Office, Cuncolim so, Goa

Colva Main Road, Colva so, Near Don Bosco High School, Goa- 403708
Telephone:  0832-2788505

Cuncolim Highway Road, Cuncolim so, Near Cuncolim Bus Stand, Goa- 403703
Telephone:  0832-2763233


Post Office Tisca, Tisca so, Goa

Curtorim Post Office, Curtorim so, Goa

Dayanand Nagar, Tisca so, Near Maruti Garage, Goa- 403406
Telephone:  0832-2348537

Curtorim Margoan Road, Curtorim so, Near Curtorim Market, Goa- 403709
Telephone:  0832-2786213


Post Office Tivim , Tivim ie so, Goa

Post Office Ribandar, Ribandar so, Goa

Tivim Church Building, Tivim ie so, Near Tivim Church, Goa- 403502
Telephone:  0832-2298587

Tiswadi, Ribandar so, Near Corporation Bank, Goa- 403006
Telephone:  0832-2444471


Post Office Velim, Velim, Goa

Post Office Tivim Ie, Tivim ie so, Goa

Panchayat Ghar, Velim, Near Velim Bazar, Goa- 403723
Telephone:  0832-2773202

Sataadhar Complex, Tivim ie so, Near Mazal Vaddo, Goa- 403526
Telephone:  0832-2257210


Post Office Verna, Verna, Goa

Calangute Post Office, Calangute so, Goa

7, Verna Industrial Estate, Verna, In Verna Industrial Estate, Goa- 403722
Telephone:  0832-2782382

Calangute Road, Calangute so, Near Calangute Church, Goa- 403516
Telephone:  0832-2276030


Post Office Aldona, Bardez, Goa

Cansaulim Post Office, Cansaulim so, Goa

Aldona Institute, Bardez, Near St. Thomas Church, Goa- 403508
Telephone:  0832-2289622

Maadona Building, Bazar Road, Cansaulim so, Near Kadamba Bus Stand, Goa- 403712
Telephone:  0832-2754022


Post Office Anjuna, Anjuna, Goa

Curchorem Post Office, Curchorem, Goa

Mazalwada, Anjuna, Near Anjuna Football Ground, Goa- 403509
Telephone:  0832-2274728

Patkar Building, Curchorem, Near HP Petrol Pump, Goa- 403706
Telephone:  0832-2650599


Post Office Carona, Carona so, Goa

Donapaula Post Office, Donapaula, Goa

St. Rita Chapel Building, Carona so, Near St. Rita’s Chapel, Goa- 403523
Telephone:  0832-2293230

Donapaula Station Road, Donapaula, Near Green Rose School, Goa- 403004
Telephone:  0832-2453152


Post Office Pernem, Pernem so, Goa

Goa Velha Post Office, Goa Velha, Goa

Municipal Building, Pernem so, Near Municipal Council, Goa- 403512
Telephone:  0832-2201230

Velha Panchayat Building, Goa Velha Road, Goa Velha, Near Velha Panchayat Building, Goa- 403108
Telephone:  0832-2218540


Collem Post Office, Collem so, Goa

Post Office Sanquelim, Sanquelim so, Goa

Collem Bagar Road, Collem so, Near Collem Railway Station, Goa- 403410
Telephone:  0832-2600240

Gokulwadi, Sanquelim so, Near Sanquelim Bus Stand, Goa- 403505
Telephone:  0832-2364249


Margao Post Office, Margao ho, Goa

Post Office Alto Betim, Alto Betim, Goa

Gandhi Market Complex, Margao ho, Near Old Bus Stand, Goa- 403601
Telephone:  0832-2726810

Bardez, Alto Betim, Near Central Bank Of India, Goa- 403521
Telephone:  0832-2410025


Post Office Quepem, Quepem so, Goa

Caranzalem Post Office, Caranzalem, Goa

Quepem Church Road, Quepem so, Opposite Municipality Garden, Goa- 403705
Telephone:  0832-2662240

Caranzalem Main Road, Caranzalem, Near Syndicate Bank, Goa- 403002
Telephone:  0832-2464314


Post Office Vaddem, Vaddem so, Goa

Cavelossim Post Office, Cavelossim so, Goa

Vaddem Nagar, Vaddem so, Near Hanuman Temple, Goa- 403802
Telephone:  0832-2513759

Cavelossim Village Road, Cavelossim so, Near Cavelossim Girls School, Goa- 403731
Telephone:  0832-2871444


Post Office Valpoi, Valpoi, Goa

Chinchinim Post Office, Chinchinim so, Goa

Valpoi Municipal Building, Valpoi, Opposite Our Lady Of Milagres Church, Goa- 403506
Telephone:  0832-2374221

Chinchinim Chambers, Chinchinim so, Near Garcias Church, Goa- 403715
Telephone:  0832-2863213


Post Office Arambol, Arambol so, Goa

Post Office Reis Magos, Reis magos so, Goa

Arambol Road, Arambol so, Near St. Alex Church, Goa- 403524
Telephone:  0832-2242965

Varem Fort, Reis magos so, Opposite Pedro Fernandes And Company, Goa- 403114
Telephone:  0832-2402667


Post Office Assolna, Assolna so, Goa

Post Office Santa Cruz, Santa cruz so, Goa

Assolna Road, Assolna so, Opposite Rogers Church, Goa- 403701
Telephone:  0832-2773212

Gandhinagar Co-Operative Housing Society, Santa cruz so, Near Gandhi Market, Goa- 403005
Telephone:  0832-2449146


Post Office Onda IE, Panaji ho, Goa

Post Office Secretariat, Secretariat so, Goa

IDC Building, Panaji ho, Near Honda Showroom, Goa- 403530
Telephone:  0832-2370507

Assembly Complex, Secretariat so, Near Jewels Apartment, Goa- 403521
Telephone:  0832-2415645


Carmona Post Office, Carmona so, Goa

Post Office Sant Estevam, Sant estevam so, Goa

E Maria Building, Carmona Station Road, Carmona so, Near Mobor Beach, Goa- 403717
Telephone:  0832-2745340

E-393, Manguerial, Sant estevam so, Near Indian Overseas Bank, Goa- 403106
Telephone:  0832-2399700


Chandor Post Office, Chandor so, Goa

Post Office St. Lourence, St. lourence so, Goa

Gram Panchayat Building, Chandor Village, Chandor so, In Gram Panchayat Building, Goa- 403714
Telephone:  0832-2784221

Gandhi Chowk, St. lourence so, Near St. Lawrence School, Goa- 403204
Telephone:  0832-2218557


Colvale Post Office, Colvale, Goa

Post Office Alto Porvorim, Alto-porvorim, Goa

Gram Panchayat Building, Colvale, Near Colvale Market, Goa- 403513
Telephone:  0832-2299834

Pat Colony, Alto-porvorim, Near ICICI Bank ATM, Goa- 403521
Telephone:  0832-2417707


Harbour Post Office, Harbour, Goa

Post Office Vasco-Da-Gama, Vasco-da-gama, Goa

Opposite Municipal Market, Harbour, Near West India Office, Goa- 403803
Telephone:  0832-2520294

Dr. FL Gomes Road, Vasco-da-gama, Near Vasco Hotel, Goa- 403802
Telephone:  0832-2512264


Navelim Post Office, Navelim, Goa

Goa University Post Office, Goa university, Goa

Navelim Station Road, Navelim, Near Rosary Church, Goa- 403707
Telephone:  0832-2725532

Goa University Road, Goa university, Opposite Tiswadi, Goa- 403206
Telephone:  0832-2451948


Post Office Saligao, Saligao so, Goa

Dabolim Terminal Post Office, Dabolim, Goa

Near Saligao Government Primary School, Saligao so, Opposite Saligao Super Market, Goa- 403511
Telephone:  0832-2278362

Dabolim Airport Terminal, Dabolim, In Dabolim Airport Terminal, Goa- 413801
Telephone:  0832-2540723


Post Office Sanguem, Sanguem so, Goa

Post Office St. Jose De Ariel, St. jose de areal so, Goa

Zuari Nagar, Near Electricity Department, Sanguem so, Opposite Goa State Co-Operative Bank, Goa- 403704
Telephone:  0832-2604244

Nirupa Pandurang Building, St. jose de areal so, Near Modern Office, Goa- 403709
Telephone:  0832-2861342

* NOTE : Above list is for general information only. Many centers are added and/or deleted from time to time, hence the same should be checked from Stamp Duty & Registration department before making any payments.

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