What Makes Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon A Perfect Luxury Residential Project?

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  • 1st May 2021
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What Makes Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon A Perfect Luxury Residential Project?

Well there are many factors that make a residential project a landmark project and a successful one at that. The same applies to the brand new luxury residential project Kolte Patil Verve in Bangur Nagar, Goregaon west.

Let us explore a few major highlights that make this under construction project in Goregaon west, a very promising one indeed.

A perfect residential location

Location. Location. Location. They say in real estate, location is the biggest factor that impacts the success of any real estate project. Well this is definitely one of the main factors that make Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon a highly desirable and extremely attractive proposition for home buyers. Bangur Nagar is one of the best residential locations in Goregaon west with very high quality gentry calling it their residence and some of the most expensive residential real estate in Goregaon west happens to be in Bangur nagar. The area of Bangur Nagar is spread over a big radius and has all the civic amenities close by including malls, shopping markets, hospitals, schools, colleges, bus services, metro station (under construction currently in 2021), restaurants, clinics and other important facilities.

There is not a speck of doubt that the fabulous location of this under construction project in Goregaon makes Kolte Patil Verve a very exclusive and really outsatndng project in the western suburbs of Mumbai.

The strategically important location within Bangur Nagr bestows an automatic superiority to Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon. It is right at the junction of Link Road and MG Road bang opposite Sheth Vasant Galaxy and this location is sought after by almost everyone in Goregaon west who is looking for a good quality home. Kolte Patil Verve address is a super advantage for the buyers in this new project.

Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon is actually the redevelopment of Hari Ratan Society in Bangur nagar. Hari Ratan itself happens to be one of the premium societies in Bangur nagar. Also Bangur Nagar is one of the most sought after residential locations in Goregaon west having very good gentry that lives here. With a very a good social infrastructure that includes markets, hospitals, schools, colleges nearby - Kolte Patil Verve provides a great advantage to anyone who books a new home in this under construction project in Bangur nagar, Goregaon west.

Brand behind the development

The location could be great and ideal but the real estate development company that is actually developing the project is equally important. This is where the trust worthy brand name of Kolte Patil is playing a huge role in the success of Kolte Patil Verve. Kolte Patil has  made a name for itself and has a great track record having delivered many premium projects across the city of Pune for the past many years. They are well known for their timely delivery & quality construction and since they are developing Kolte Patil Verve in Goregaon west, Bangur nagar - the buyers booking their apartments in Verve are pretty confident of a quality home as well as a timely delivery of their luxury flats in Bangur Nagar.

Low Density Development

No doubt that Verve by Kolte Patil is a very well located residential project that is primarily being developed with a vision to deliver extraordinary luxury homes in Bangur Nagar. However another huge factor that is fascinating property buyers in Goregaon west and beyond towards this new project in Goregaon west is that Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon is a low density project. With a land parcel admeasuring almost 3 acres there are only two towers being constructed, with almost 1 acre of open green landscape area. This simply means that all the amenities and facilities provided in Kolte Patil Verve would be used by a limited number of home owners and any luxury home buyer would prefer this advantage. 

The fact that the property developers are not stuffing more apartments and creating more buildings but rather focusing on making Kolte Patil Verve a truly spacious luxury project in Goregaon west in the real sense is assigning it a premium value.

Bigger sized apartments

Kolte Patil Verve Bangur Nagar has another massive factor that is surely the most essential need of any home buyer and that is the size of the flat that one is buying. With more than the average square feet area for both the 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats for sale in Kolte Patil Verve, the buyers aspiring spacious homes are buying here. Many new developments in Goregaon west are selling 2 BHK and 3 BHK at lower prices simply by creating smaller sized flats in Goregaon west. There is surely a certain type of client with a very tight budget who prefer to buy such compact homes. However the ones who are booking their flats in Verve are the ones seeking real spacious flats and not cramped apartments. The sizes of the well-designed 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Verve by Kolte Patil is 759 sq ft and 1033 sqft carpet respectively.

Limited configurations

Since Kolte Patil Verve Goregaon west has only two types of variants in their inventory mix; 2 BHK and 3 BHK, it automatically ensures high income category gentry. This is also a deciding factor for many apartment buyers when they look to buy a home in any new residential project.

A good amount of amenities

The fact that there are a good number of useful modern amenities in this gated residential project in Bangur Nagar Goregaon west has also added to the charm of Kolte Patil Verve. There are apparently more than 20 great amenities for residents in Kolte Patil Verve in Goregaon west to enjoy when they buy an apartment in this ongoing project in Goregaon west.

Bangur Nagar Has Been Waiting for a New Gated Community

Although Bangur Nagar is a very good and premium location in Goregaon west there has been shortage of good quality gated community residential projects here. Most of the new developments in Bangur Nagar Goregaon west have been standalone buildings and many home buyers in Goregaon west have been waiting for a project of the nature of Kolte Patil Verve.

A 3 acre exclusive gated community luxury residential project is the exact real estate development in Bangur Nagar that many potential home buyers had been waiting for. With Verve by Kolte Patil they have found their desired branded residential gated community. The total plot area of Kolte Patil Verve is close to 3 acres making it a very exclusive and spacious gated community residential project in Bangur Nagar with a host of amenities and facilities. A gated community in a new project in Bangur Nagar is definitely a rarity as most new buildings in Bangur Nagar are single buildings except for projects like Sheth Vasant Galaxy.

Good planning, design & a friendly payment plan

With its meticulous planning, graceful landscapes, really useful amenities, luxury orientation - Kolte Patil Verve comes as a complete package for some who wishes to book a quality apartment in Goregaon west with a buyer friendly payment plan. Kolte Patil Verve Payment Plans are also very flexible encouraging home sekers to book here.

The price and cost of Verve by Kolte Patil is also a very attractive factor drawing customers to book their dream homes in this ongoing project in Bangur Nagar Goregaon west. The developers have kept a very competitive price for the kind of exclusive project that Verve is and that includes the quality of construction and the fantastic location, prime amenities that if offers each and very proud home owner in this project. Since Kolte Patil Verve also comes with a very good payment plan that offers flexibility and comfort to buyers in this new project in Goregaon west Bangur Nagar, the bookings have been quite healthy in this project since the time of its launch.

Kolte Patil Verve is RERA & Bank approved

This new project in Bangur Nagar is also approved by all banks and with the assurance of a great brand like Kolte Patil, Verve has all the makings of a block buster residential development in Goregaon west. Kolte Patil Verve Rera details are available on the Rera website as it is a RERA approved project in Bangur Nagar Goregaon west.

The grandeur and charisma that Kolte Patil Verve Bangur Nagar offers to its owners, along with the charm of this prestigious gated community in Goregaon West, has already attracted a lot of bookings and sales in Kolte Patil Verve.
Kolte Patil Verve in Bangur nagar Goregaon west is one of the best new projects currently.

The Kolte Patil floor plans have also been designed in a way that promotes space and keeps all the flats for sale in Verve extremely spacious and luxurious.

Amenities in Verve Kolte Patil Goregaon

There are more than 20 plus world class amenities that this new project in Bangur Nagar offers to people who book a home in Verve. With 2 exclusive towers, 1 acre of open space Kolte Patil Verve is indeed a premium project in Bangur Nagar that you should consider making your own home in Goregaon west.

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