The ultimate guide to real estate marketing with 99 practical ideas

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  • 4th Mar 2020
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The ultimate guide to real estate marketing with 99 practical ideas

The ultimate detailed guide to real estate marketing with 99 super effective practical ideas

As a real estate agent or property consultant or even as a real estate developer, you need to have a very strong real estate marketing strategy especially in this day and age. The amount of competition, the information overload thanks to millions of real estate websites, the real estate WhatsApp groups, etc. have made sure that the real estate market in every location is updated (rightly or wrongly is debatable).

Therefore, as a real estate marketing professional, one needs to be really adaptable in terms of the new real estate marketing strategies as well as being abreast of all the new real estate marketing tools in the market today. This complete guide to real estate marketing will help you with all of these and more.

The real estate industry has gone through a lot of turmoil in the past few years and with some major new disruptive real estate marketing ventures out there, the task of the new age real estate marketing professional is indeed cut out. Real estate marketing in India is also catching up with the developed world.

One needs to have a very precise, consistent, ongoing online real estate marketing strategy combined with street smart offline real estate marketing ideas too. To generate real estate leads online was quite an easy task a few years back but with number of property websites, real estate listings multiplying crazily today, the competition has really gone thousand notches higher. With the help of this ultimate guide to real estate marketing, you will rediscover the magic of generating real estate leads.

The traditional days when potential real estate buyers or likely real estate sellers would simply call up a real estate agent to help with a property transaction are over. Almost 95% of home seekers, office buyers, and potential property sellers now use their mobile phones to reach out to the wider world to help them buy or sell real estate. The days of being complacent as a real estate agent or as a property developer are over.   Real estate buyers and real estate sellers spend a lot of time online to search for properties as well as property related information before actually speaking to an actual real estate person. Real estate research is now very easy as everything is in the palm of your hands through your mobile phones.

It is therefore absolutely critical to have a very strong real estate presence online where your real estate brand is reflected in the proper way and potential real estate clients find it attractive enough to call or email you. A robust digital marketing strategy for real estate is now a must for every professional real estate company that plans to excel in the real estate industry.

Although a property owner, a property broker and a property developer are all dealing the same category that of real estate, their real estate marketing strategies will differ. Marketing strategies for real estate developers will involve a specific pattern while marketing strategies for real estate agents will have another. Similarly marketing strategies for property owners will differ from both of the other ones.

The best property marketing strategy, however, still remains to be honest, transparent, diligent, proactive, and consistent in your communications & dealings with your real estate audience.

Having said that, find below the most potent 99 real estate marketing ideas for real estate professionals, real estate brokers, and real estate developers looking to reach and attract potential clients. This complete guide to real estate marketing gives you a detailed peek into some of the most successful real estate marketing strategies’ examples. Find all the awesome real estate marketing techniques and ideas in this ultimate real estate marketing guide covering both digital real estate marketing as well as offline real estate marketing.


1. Create a real estate brand

No matter how small or big your real estate organization is, create a proper brand for your real estate service. Think of a good name; get a good creative logo along with good colours so that you clearly send out a message to the market that you are a professional real estate company. Your approach has to be for the long term and you should believe that like some of the best real estate companies you will leave a real estate legacy forever.

2. Create a professional business card

Yes. Even in this day and age of online real estate marketing and WhatsApp property marketing, a professional and well designed business card for your real estate business is an absolute necessity. Make sure that you hire a professional business card maker and use your real estate business card as a strong marketing tool.

3. Understand, absorb and apply customer service fundamentals

Customer service in real estate is the most important marketing tool in real estate business. Make sure that you and your entire team learns, imbibes and practices good customer service fundamentals both before and after a property transaction because there is no stronger real estate marketing tool than this. Word of mouth marketing and referrals from real estate customers are the most precious real estate business leads that one could ever ask for. No amount of paid advertising can replace a satisfied customer referral.

4. Create a professional mobile friendly real estate website

Ensure that you have a very easy to use responsive real estate website with an easy to remember URL. Apart from displaying informative real estate listings for your clients, you can also add real estate information that is useful for customers visiting your property website. A well-laid out, pleasing, responsive, informative and interactive real estate website is the foremost digital real estate marketing tool for your real estate marketing business online.

5. Use good and easy to read copy on your property website

Many a time people get diverted from simplicity in the quest for impressing. Make sure you keep the copy on your real estate website as simple and easy to understand as possible. You can use the services good real estate copywriter who can ensure that your real estate website is not only beautiful but also sensible.

6.  Use good quality and high resolution images

All property images used on your real estate website have to be of great quality. This is simply because the first thing that a visitor to your real estate website will notice is the images. If they are lousy, the chances are that in spite of you having put some very good and useful content the real estate customer will log out in a jiffy.


7. Create & regularly update your Social Media accounts

In this day and age of Social Media, you need to have your real estate social media accounts with the leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and even TikTok. Your real estate social media accounts need not be a one way communication platform. Make it interesting, informative, and interactive in a way that all users visiting your social handles could derive strong values from them. Apart from promoting your property listings, your social media accounts could be used to update and inform everyone about the micro details about real estate in a particular area. You could share any updates on changes in real estate regulations, property price updates or even share anecdotes from the real estate industry. Social Media Marketing for real estate is less about promotion and more about sharing. The more you share real estate knowledge, real estate marketing tips, real estate buying and selling ideas, property flipping ideas, etc. the further your real estate brand could go.


8. Treat every real estate social media handle uniquely

While setting up and updating all your real estate social media accounts, it is important to note that every social media platform is unique. You need to upload all your real estate content keeping this factor in mind. For example Instagram is a highly visual site – therefore it makes more sense to upload the best quality property images on Instagram to attract more followers and likes. Your Twitter real estate account can also be peppered with images but here these should be accompanied with certain key highlights or points that could possibly trigger discussions or idea sharing among your twitter followers. The same goes for your real estate account on Pinterest or your Face real estate account. The message is to use and treat every social media platform uniquely to enable to extract maximum benefit out of its uniqueness.


9. Keep yourself updated about new social media platforms

As the social media landscape keeps changing, you need to be updated about any new trending social media platform that is witnessing an increase in popularity in terms of users and views. For example TikTok has really shot up rapidly in terms of popularity and this (year 2020) is the right time to jump and take advantage of this popularity. Again your TikTok real estate handle has to adapt itself to the uniqueness of this platform and engage users in a style that is relevant to the TikTok audience.


10. Leverage your YouTube real estate account

No doubt that YouTube still remains the best real estate video sharing platform that can help you reach out to millions of clients in the most impactful manner. With Google’s search technology at play; all your real estate videos can get the maximum reach if they are adding value in terms of knowledge, updates, etc. Make sure that you keep uploading new content on your YouTube real estate channel regularly with good quality videos, optimize them using the best practices and within no time your YouTube channel could be generating a lot of footfalls for real estate brand. You can refer to various learning materials and YouTube marketing videos by guys like Neil Patel & Brian Dean to enhance your own understanding and the applying such ideas to your channel.


11. Add multi share button on website pages

In this day and age of mobile internet, make sure that not only is your real estate website is responsive and mobile friendly but also that there is a visible share button on every page. This includes your property website homepage as well as the property listing pages on your website. Make sure that this call to action share button is placed in a way that is not irritating yet prominently visible. This will ensure that when a user wants to share any of your property website content with any one through any platform including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. she or he can do so immediately and easily. That is the best and easiest way to get your real estate marketing brand and all your property listings to spread across the ecosystem.

12. Mobile first has to be your online property marketing mantra

With Google creating a separate search advantage for mobile optimized websites, Mobile First has to be your core mantra when it comes to your real estate website. The biggest search engine Google strongly advocates responsive web design. With more than 80% of searchers including those searching for property or real estate related websites using their mobile first, guess what you should do? Yes, this is just a quick reminder that you should make absolutely sure that whatever real estate content you are putting out there through your property website has to be mobile friendly.

13. Remember real estate is always local

Always remember that when it comes to real estate, it is always local. It means that you could sell real estate across the world but when it comes to real business, knowledge of the ‘location’ that you are selling is of paramount significance. So whether you are single man real estate professional selling properties in a single location or you are a multiple real estate agents company selling real estate in myriad locations, always remember that local knowledge and display of the same on your property website is crucial. It helps convince a potential buyer or a seller to make up her or his mind whether to contact your company. With real estate, although you can go national or global but you always have to be very strong in terms of local.


14. Create an informative real estate blog

One of the best tips for real estate marketing includes the creation and subsequently regular updating of a real estate blog that helps users in the real sense. Please get a good blog design implemented with a very prominent subscription button so that registered users are always updated about any new blogs being posted on your real estate website. Ensure that you post good, useful, informative and easy to understand real estate related content on your website. Although many real estate professionals take a real estate blog lightly, the attraction power of a good property blog is overwhelming, if done properly. A good real estate knowledgeable blog writer could make a big difference to the footfalls on your real estate blog. You can mix your real estate blog with a variety of important information that could include technical as well non-technical material on real estate. A strong real estate blog is one of the strongest pillars of a real estate marketing plan, indeed.

Make sure that your blog content is primed and optimized for SEO rankings. This will make certain that your real estate website shows up on relevant real estate keyword search organically which can spike your business in a big way.

Make use of SEO tools including Google Analytics, AHREFS, Ubersuggest, etc. to identify the specific real estate search key words as well as important key phrases that your potential clients type in while searching. You can also get a lot of important topics and blog ideas to write about using this research.

You can spice up your blog with good quality relevant images and infographics to amplify the content and also ensure stronger user interest and stick time. After all this hard work please do not forget to add call to action buttons and easy navigation guides to enable your real estate audience to come to your website home page or any page of your choice, easily. One of the important reasons to bring them to your real estate blog is to subsequently help them discover and understand the real estate business that you offer.

15. Comment on third party real estate blogs/sites/forums

There are many real estate forums, real estate platforms and real estate blogs where you can share your comments or share your ideas on real estate. Such informative and interactive real estate platforms help spread property knowledge. By participating you can increase your own knowledge and also increase the awareness about your real estate brand. All the value that you add to the real estate fraternity in general will automatically benefit your real estate business online as well as offline. Yahoo real estate, Indian real estate forum, Qora, etc. are popular platforms where a lot of real estate related queries, doubts, cases, issues are discussed.


16. Reply to comments on your real estate blogs/social handles

While it is important to create a real estate blog as well other real estate social media accounts, it is more important to be active on them. Any query, comment or issue that is posted in response to any of your real estate blog or real estate post on your social media accounts, you need to reply to them as soon as possible. Remember these are real people commenting and any response form the actual source (you), sends out a strong signal to the user that she or he is dealing with a professional real estate company or individual.

17. Improve and increase your network

Remember the saying – Your network is your net worth. Well if this is most applicable anywhere, it is in the business of real estate. Any real estate agent or property broker worth his salt has to be strongly networked. Meet people, improve your network, join organizations like BNI (Business Network International) and increase your presence socially. If you plan to tap the HNI (High Net worth Individuals) in your city or area, find out about the clubs or social circles that they frequent. Try and be a part of such clubs or social circles (Not easy but doable). Create contacts with rich and affluent individuals who could buy real estate as well as keep giving you references for future business as well.


18. Post listings on all possible property platforms

There are a lot of property websites and real estate portals where you can post your property listings for free. Please make great use of this. Also if you have the budget you can use the premium features of these property portals and leverage their reach to tap into a lot of potential customers for your property listings.

19. Write for real estate columns in newspapers and magazines

If you can, you should surely write for real estate columns in newspapers and real estate magazines. These are read by a lot of people and any well researched article that you share automatically increases your real estate brand value multifold. Also you inadvertently increase your network by writing for authentic and well followed real estate columns.

20. Attend and participate in real estate seminars

Make sure to attend as many real estate conferences and seminars happening in your neighbourhood or in your city or town. You could also participate in these real estate events as a speaker or as a research assistant. This will ensure that not only your own real estate knowledge increase but that you also share your own real estate experience with others. Any way you look at it, this exercise will greatly improve your real estate network.

21. Attend real estate exhibitions

Real estate exhibitions are another fertile ground for networking with your peers and competitors from the real estate industry. Try and attend all possible real estate exhibitions because you get a lot of updated real estate data. At the same time you get to meet a lot of people currently working for real estate developers. Networking with them can help you understand more deeply about a given property developer’s new projects, available inventory, future plans, etc. The materials – brochures, plans that you can easily get during real estate exhibitions is priceless. You can use all this available real estate data to update your property website / real estate blogs, etc.


22. Use creative newspaper inserts to reach a specific audience

Many times as a real estate consultant you know that you need listings from a certain building or society. Or maybe you know that potential buyers for the real estate inventory that you have listed with you stay in a specific location / building or society. In such cases, you can reach these potential real estate clients directly through smartly designed paper inserts that go along with the newspapers. You need to tie up with the local newspaper supplier in a specific area who will charge a fee for this service. Since newspapers go directly into each house (whoever has subscribed to them), you have the maximum chance to catch the attention of your potential clients and get some good real estate business going. This is one of the best real estate marketing ideas if you are targeting a micro market and highly affordable too.

23. Send real estate post cards

In today’s times it is relatively easy to get the office or home address of a certain real estate prospect. Once you have that in place you can get a good real estate creative or messages about a new project or a description offering your real estate services sent across to such real estate prospects. In these times of continuous bombardment of WhatsApp messages and digital real estate marketing, the old school tactic of using printed material for your real estate message can make it stand out. In fact real estate post cards are pretty effective as well as cost effective.


24. Be updated on your local real estate market

If you are a real estate agent then it is very crucial that you remain updated on your local real estate market and also keep your audience updated about the same. For example, be updated about the latest deals that have happened in your neighbourhood as well as any major changes in terms of rules and regulations. Keep your real estate website and your real estate social media handles updated about the same. In this way you become the go to source for any real estate updates in your neighbourhood. Be useful and market your real estate services by default.


25. Display your contact details CLEARLY

Many times in the hustle and bustle of creating marketing materials including property websites, social media pages, print materials, etc. one can forget the aspect of simplicity. Make sure that your phone number / mobile number / email id are clearly and boldly displayed for your customers to contact you easily. Do not make them search for it as nobody has the time for it and people tend to move away from one website to another in the twinkling of an eye. Therefore if you have got their attention, make it super simple for them to contact you.
26. Visit non real estate events too
Any event that has got a large number of visitors coming and attending should be of interest to you as a real estate professional. Your real estate brand can reach as many people as possible in the most cost effective manner and a large event can help amplify your property brand.

26. Inbound traffic is the most valuable

Ensure that your SEO strategy is bang on target when it comes to your real estate websites. The reason is very simple – the quality of inbound traffic is a lot better than leads generated through outbound tactics. Therefore you should hire a professional search engine optimization team that can help optimize your property website for certain key words and key phrases for certain locations that your specialize in. One genuine inbound lead is much better than hundreds of outbound leads because the customer intent is very specific in the former case. Of course for your high valued real estate deals, you need motivated and really interested customer leads that will convert faster.


27. Remember inbound traffic is the most valuable

Ensure that your SEO strategy is bang on target when it comes to your real estate websites. The reason is very simple – the quality of inbound traffic is a lot better than leads generated through outbound tactics. Therefore you should hire a professional search engine optimization team that can help optimize your property website for certain key words and key phrases for certain locations that your specialize in. One genuine inbound lead is much better than hundreds of outbound leads because the customer intent is very specific in the former case. Of course for your high valued real estate deals, you need motivated and really interested customer leads that will convert faster.

28. Deploy smart real estate email marketing campaigns

It is critical that your audience knows every time you upload an informative real estate blog or add new property listings relevant to them. By creating a fortnightly or monthly e-newsletter with a preview of real estate blog material, you can alert your real estate audience to the same. Ensure that they can also share this information easily so that your blog can reach more people. Also by reaching out to registered users whenever relevant new property listings are available, your real estate website can be really useful to them. It goes without saying that maximum details along with listing links including good quality property images, a video walkthrough of the property, if possible and / or a virtual inspection of the property will create a world of difference for the clients.


29. Virtual property showcase

Time is a premium commodity especially when it comes to really busy real estate buyers. One strong way to create a hook for a certain property is to create a virtual property showcase. By utilizing a set of virtual showcasing tools, you can let potential home buyers to taste a home virtually, creating an experience as close as possible to a real one. Online property showcasing allows you multiple benefits: it saves time, it creates an interest in the buyer, it negates the excuse of lack of time and it of course lays down the platform for an actual inspection and a deal thereby. Virtual property showcasing can be the next big real estate marketing tool in India for the Indian real estate professionals.

30. Create real estate Videos

One of the standout tools for any business including real estate is the video. One of the most powerful real estate marketing tools today is a well created video. You can create videos about a property or create knowledge sharing videos or create client testimonial videos, etc. The impact that even a simple yet well thought of video will have on your real estate marketing efforts can be tremendous.  With strong social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. the reach and effect of a good real estate video can be amplified numerous times.


31. Provide free home and property valuation service

Any potential home or office or any kind of real estate seller is keen to understand his or her property market value. You can attract a lot of property selling clients by incorporating an easy to use home and property valuation kit on your property website.
By default, the home and property evaluation tool will capture all the essential details of the seller’s property.  This would include the complete address of the property as well as the contact details of the seller since she or he would want a detailed property valuation report through your real estate website. You will automatically have an actual seller’s details which you can follow up and offer your real estate marketing services. In the true sense, real estate marketing is more about giving than receiving.


32. Offer moving and packing services for free

Okay, don’t be shocked! For all your local clients with whom you have successfully closed property deals, you can offer a completely free moving and packing service. The movers and packers and the moving vehicle can all display your real estate brand during the service provided. There are two ways you can do this.
a.    If you have the money to invest, set up your own mini moving and packing service. Use it to provide free services to clients for whom you have successfully closed deals. During other times run it as a proper local moving and packing business.  
b.    The other way is to simply tie-up with a local moving and packing company. Bargain for a discounted price based on the fact that you will provide them with multiple orders in a given year. Every time a client purchases or sells his or her property through your company, offer the moving and packing as a compliment. Ideally keep this offer as long as the moving is intra city or else the budgets could go haywire. By doing this you will surely get a client for life, get a good branding time for your real estate services and of course the goodwill that your real estate business will earn will be phenomenal.

33. Create a real estate forum online or turn your blog into one

For a real estate blog to be more effective, it has to be interactive, almost like a real estate forum. Get your in house team to research on certain relevant, tending and key real estate topics and start a thread on it. You could let people in your area to start discussions, ask questions and clear doubts with regards to any real estate topic. You could also bring in specific experts to answer technical questions to ensure authenticity with regards to the discussion. Real estate is a highly sensitive topic since any investment or disinvestment in the same impacts people hugely due to the high level of capital involved. If your real estate blog or your real estate forum can sincerely address and resolve the real estate questions raised by people; congratulations! You have seriously got a super-effective real estate marketing machinery on your side.

34. Wish, Happy birthday / Happy Anniversary to your clients

The best way to humanize your real estate marketing business is to make it behave like one.  In the quest to close deals & make money, many a time we forget that every real estate client; be it a buyer or seller, is a human being. Human beings have emotions and when you show respect, gratitude and awareness, you manage to forge a more meaningful and deeper relationship. Create a proper database of all your clients; maintain all their details including their addresses, phone numbers, email ids, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Ideally you should have a mechanism to gather this data from every client during the first meeting itself. It could be like an easy to fill form online or offline. Nurture and increase this data every day, every month and every year because this data is more valuable than pure gold. Set up dynamic yet simple systems to wish a particular client a Happy Birthday or a Happy Anniversary through an email, SMS or WhatsApp message.
Make sure that you (the promoter of the company) or every senior member of your real estate company gets an alert too. This way you can also wish the client personally as well as send a bouquet or a card at their address. Everyone appreciates such gestures and this will add the human touch to your real estate marketing making it grow organically with each passing day.

35. Highlight your neighbourhood, make it a hero

One important factor to remember in real estate is that people don’t buy homes. They buy homes and the neighbourhood. While you are busy creating the best videos for the properties that you are trying to sell, create videos, creative of the neighbourhood too. Include all the salient features, highlight special areas, great facilities, display pictures of shopping areas, schools, entertainment zones, etc. and essentially bring out the best from your neighbourhood (or the neighbourhood where you are trying to sell a property). As a local real estate expert, the concerned agent from your team can review a certain neighbourhood and highlight all the unique features that the area has to offer. When someone buys a home, the aspects of the immediate neighbourhood (the micro) become a crucial priority compared to the aspects of the city or town (the macro). You can always choose to highlight the macro aspects too but only after you have covered all the micro factors in detail. Since all this critical information is well presented and it is coming from a genuine and authentic source (a local real estate agent), a potential buyer will surely get all the motivation that she or he requires coming down for an actual property inspection. Remember to display your contact details properly so that a client can get on touch immediately. This is definitely one of the most subtle ways of real estate marketing where well displayed information plays its role.


36. Use Instagram Stories for real estate marketing

As discussed earlier in today’s times social media is an indispensable tool for real estate marketing. However every social media platform is unique. One of the biggest platforms today is Instagram without any doubt. The option of creating stories on Instagram gives you a very strong possibility to interact, engage and communicate with your Instagram followers effectively. This can definitely help you take your real estate brand forward in a manner where business generation becomes a byproduct.
The trick, however, is to be consistent and adaptable. Reach out to influencers who can help you with the growth of your real estate brand on Instagram. Search google to understand different Instagram marketing strategies for real estate. There are numerous articles, sample cases on How to use Instagram to attract qualified leads for your real estate business? Study those or simply get one of your team members to be dedicated to Instagram marketing for your real estate business. If your budget permits, you can also hire a real estate digital marketing agency to help you with your real estate Instagram marketing. Instagram has a whopping 1 billion plus users globally with a healthy number of users getting added every day. Instagram stories have crossed the 500 million daily users’ threshold highlighting the strength of this platform (Source 99firms & SproutSocial). It is therefore almost mandatory that your real estate marketing plans have a clear and ongoing Instagram strategy.

37. Use TikTok for real estate marketing

Some of the biggest modern Gurus of online marketing have stressed on the fact that we have to focus on creating stronger brands which can ride on any rapidly evolving social media platforms. At the same time it is critical to ride the wave of popular trending social media sites at given points in time. Within no time (roughly 3 years), TikTok has breached the 500 active million users mark (source: Oberlo). Although it is a bit challenging but TikTok is a superb platform for real estate marketing if applied and used smartly. Study all resources online on ‘How TikTok Can Help You Market Your Real Estate Business’? and get your real estate brand consistently active on this fast growing platform.

Create 15 to 60 second real estate content videos on this video sharing app. Broadly, you can try to create and share contents on TikTok like:

Interesting, yet unknown facets of your real estate business.
Good quality property collage videos with interesting background music.
Real estate videos with relevant hashtags.
Anything cute, funny or even shocking!


38. Devise games, competitions, puzzles and quizzes and target malls with footfalls

Shopping malls drive a good number of footfalls throughout the year. Device a few smart engagement mechanisms like games, competitions, etc. to interact with the visitors without disturbing their shopping or entertainment agenda. Essentially the whole idea is to create interactions that can blend with the environment, engage the audience creatively, expose your real estate brand and help capture crucial data of potential real estate buyers or real estate sellers. You could distribute non-expensive yet useful or attractive gifts with your real estate brand name as takeaways for the participating audience. This below the line real estate marketing activity can be designed with the help of an agency that specialties creating and executing such activities to get the best results.

39. Use infographics effectively

Make sure that your real estate company uses infographics very smartly and effectively across all its presentations including blogs, articles, proposals, listings, etc. The usage and creation of good infographic materials is paramount when you want to capture and hold attention of your real estate audience. Ensure good quality images, good modifications for specific presentations using Photoshop and most importantly usage of the infographics justifiably. Maps, charts, pictures, figures, numbers and comparative analysis using graphs create a very strong visual communication tool. The human mind by design is immediately attracted to strong visuals and any storytelling, be it technical or otherwise creates a deeper impact with the aid of strong visuals.

You can also experiment with inserting comic images, caricatures, funny one-liners, wherever possible, while sharing real estate knowledge materials. This would help your real estate marketing efforts a lot as it would make you stand out from the crowd immediately. Hiring a professional graphic designer/illustrator even on freelance basis can make the reactions to your real estate materials either ‘okay’ or “wow’. Importantly readers tend to share interesting and engaging materials immediately through WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. increasing the reach of your property website or your social post exponentially.

40. Use viral internet memes for real estate marketing

A pinch of fun to anything in life can work wonders. Well, real estate marketing is no different. You can connect with your audience more effectively through smartly executed communication materials peppered with latest popular memes making the rounds of social media at a current point in time. When it comes to your real estate social media handles, a funny post with a hilarious meme can help establish an immediate connection with your audience. Real estate is on the whole a serious business – any deviation on the lighter side without going overboard can help get your message across and highlight your real estate brand in a positive manner. Also remember that a well-executed real estate meme can travel almost at the speed of light on WhatsApp / Facebook and other social media handles. This is one of the most cost effective and fastest means to reach and influence potential real estate clients, period.


41. Get your real estate brand on smart T-shirts

For highly effective and impactful on the ground real estate marketing, you can create smart T-shirts with peppy real estate one-liners, real estate memes, and captions. You can offer your real estate branded T-shirts to local stores, to local tournaments, to existing clients, as competition gifts, etc. You can also sell them online under your real estate brand. A long lasting good quality and highly creative T-shirt can work as a super real estate advertising tool for your brand. Make sure that your real estate website / social media handles are prominently displayed on your T-shirts so that clients can reach you instantaneously.

42. Explore the power of handwritten notes for real estate marketing

Wherever you have the postal addresses of your clients or potential clients, make sure to send them direct handwritten notes via post or courier.
No form of digital outreach can offer the option of sending an actual handwritten note and you should use this option of direct mail judiciously. As per marketing experts, a well written and well-presented personalized handwritten note can enhance the response to an advertising campaign by almost 50 percent.
This exclusive real estate marketing strategy of personalization could be applied to all your luxury real estate marketing campaigns.

43. Form and nurture a healthy referral system

Among all the noise of digital marketing and other kinds of real estate marketing techniques, please keep in mind that word of mouth marketing is still the most effective. This is especially true when it comes to real estate leads. Referrals from satisfied clients work wonders and can be a super-rich and perennial source of real estate buyer as well seller leads across your life time. As per major researches across various categories, many sales prospects are never discovered because we hesitate to ask. Make sure you are always asking (gently & smartly) for references from existing customers who are happy with your real estate service
As your real estate business grows, it might become almost impossible to stay in touch with every client personally. Ensure that you build a robust email / sms / whatsapp system wherein you can stay in touch with all of your clients seamlessly. Ideally, regular emails can help as they are not considered intrusive. To get a strong referral system for your real estate company also focus on post sales service which is very big potential area especially in real estate marketing. Most real estate agents, real estate developers and property brokers tend to forget their clients once a real estate deal is over and the brokerage or deal money is received.
By providing a regular and professional post sales service and being in touch with valuable real estate tips can help your real estate brand occupy a good mind space among your clients. Guess whose name they would think of when it comes to anything to do with real estate? Your real estate brand, of course.

44. Highlight every member of your team with a strong introduction

Since you are creating all possible opportunities for real estate prospects to come and visit your real estate website through SEO, Social media marketing, networking, referrals, etc. you will get a lot of visits. When clients visit your website, the About us page has to reflect your company values, mission and vision along with your unique story. Also the Team page has to have the founder’s / each individual agent’s / employees’ complete introduction / bio with a proper professional photograph of each individual along with qualifications, achievements, a bit about their personalities, etc. This factor is highly crucial and is one of the subtle ways of real estate marketing. Since the client is landing on your property website without speaking to you or your team, your About & Team pages become the first points of impression. If they manage to capture the user’s attention, create a connection and convince her or him of your professionalism, you are in business.


45. Invest in Tele-calling

Investing in a proper tele-calling set up can help you generate a lot of real estate leads. It can also help you sharpen your client follow up method to a large extent. There are many ways that a telecalling set up can help your real estate marketing business. You can procure a strong data base of a certain locality or community or fraternity and deploy a calling activity on the same for a given real estate project. If the data is genuine, you are bound to generate warm leads that can go further into the calling pipeline to be converted into actual deals. A good quality data base and a smart set of professional tele-callers can literally create magic. However, if you are cold calling please make sure to create a strong reason for the approach. Also as per the locations, check with regards to the rules applicable to such an activity before embarking on the same.

A tele-calling team is also crucial when you have generated a lot of real estate leads from a certain high powered campaign. It is of paramount importance to get the callings done at the earliest to gain the maximum out of such leads. As the response time from your end gets delayed so does the interest of the potential client withers away too, in most cases. Ensuring an immediate quality calling to all property leads generated against a campaign can help you fetch some very hot leads indeed.

46. Keep a strong ready-to-use pitch for fresh leads

As your real estate marketing business expands, it would become more and more challenging to speak to every new lead/client personally. Keep a ready to use pitch handy for your entire real estate team to use when speaking to a new lead or a new client. Of course some basic level modifications would have to be applied to this pitch but at least the basic skeleton will help your real estate marketing team transfer the core values of your real estate company and also create the desired first impression on the client.

47. Brand and distribute utility items

Apart from T-shirts as mentioned before, you could also get your real estate brand highlighted in your area of operation by branding useful items like pens, key chains, bottle openers, fridge magnets, book markers, etc.  You can share such branded items during competitions as prizes or simply gift them to your clients during special occasions. In fact you can create a series of branded gifts which are time specific, occasion specific and most importantly are utility oriented. With your property website and other details printed, these utility gifts can be your silent real estate marketing soldiers operating far & wide and for a long time.

48. Invest in No parking signs

Branded ‘No Parking’ signs are good and long lasting and affordable real estate marketing tools too. If created correctly and if placed strategically, No Parking signs can help your real estate brand get a lot of exposure for a really long time indeed. Many real estate agents and property professionals have confirmed that with the No Parking sign campaigns, they have witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of local property listed with them. Yes, the amount of local real estate business that you can generate using branded No parking signs could actually surprise you.


49. Barter with Outdoor hoarding & OOH media companies

Huge billboards, hoardings on bus stop shelters, signage on public transport are extremely effective but expensive. You can definitely give a stupendous boost to your real estate marketing plans by getting your real estate brand on Outdoor Media. Since it is an expensive affair, you can try for a barter deal with OOH media and billboard companies where they can display your real estate brand when they have vacant spots and you can promote them on all possible materials that you have got including your website, social media handles, etc. Even if you have a few outdoor media companies tying up with you that could actually stimulate your real estate brand enormously.

50. Appeal to your clients to rate your services online

Ratings online do matter. You look at some of the biggest travel portals or even real estate portals – client ratings, opinions, experiences, etc. are definitely taken seriously. This can impact your real estate business positively or adversely. If you are confident of real estate marketing services, you should ask your clients to review your services online with all honesty and this could surely open the door for your real estate company for more business.

51. Request happy clients for testimonials

Ideally as a real estate business your best real estate marketing strategy is to keep all your clients happy and satisfied. You should work zealously to achieve this goal. Delighted and satisfied clients are anytime more powerful than all the real estate marketing methods that you can think of.  You can request for their testimonials including written as well as video testimonials. Display these positive testimonials about your real estate services clearly on your website and social media handles wherever appropriate. Positive testimonials help any new coming client to your business decide about doing business with your company as well as provide the confidence to trust you.

52. Sponsor local events

As discussed many times, real estate marketing including real estate broking, real estate consultancy is always a local business. Any real estate client would want to work with a property professional who understands the given location. Therefore being known as a trustworthy local real estate brand is of paramount importance to a real estate firm. Wherever possible, try and sponsor and be a part of local community events including sports, cultural activities or any other. Your real estate brand can add a lot of value other than money like mentoring, helping reach out a larger audience for the said event through your platform or network, etc. Being on top of the mind as a local real estate brand among the local community can work wonders for your real estate business.

53. Create personalized email signature with your image

An email is still a very powerful and formal way of communication. Therefore make sure that every email that you or any one from your team sends to anyone should have her or his personalized email signature with a personal image. This would automatically help create a better brand experience and a personal connection with every email communication that anyone from your company shares. This again is an example of a very subtle way of real estate marketing through existing collateral.

54. Share free real estate knowledge & research based pdfs

Engage the best methods to research on key real estate information, real estate news, real estate updates, technical aspects of real estate, analysis of a locality in terms of its real estate future and other such core real estate issues. Using your real estate website, your real estate blog and your social media handles offer your best research materials for free downloadable pdf files to all your readers. As a condition, simply request for the person’s details before allowing her or him to download any material. This real estate marketing method is based on the give to get philosophy. You end up getting a lot of data that you can nurture for your real estate marketing company after giving a lot of value based data absolutely free. It is a good bargain.

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