Is Property Investment in Nagpur Really Worth It?

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  • 14th Mar 2019
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Is Property Investment in Nagpur Really Worth It?

inding it difficult to get access to accurate information regarding the best investment ideas in Nagpur?

Is it a task to trust the online articles regarding property investment?

To be honest,

Real esatet investment is not an easy decision to make, however if you receive the right kind of guidance, you can make the best decision you could made in your life time.

Introduction :

Nagpur being the third biggest city of Maharashtra, it has been looked up to as one of the best locations for investment in terms of property after Mumbai and Pune. Some of the major factors like good transport facilities, connectivity and the good quality of life contribute majorly.

The literacy rate in Nagpur is very high. It is about 93 per cent which makes it one of the most literate cities in India. Housing here is available across various price ranges.

In this article, starting from the connectivity, availablity of transport, political status  to finally understanding how Nagpur has evolved over a decade, we will conclude why it is a smart investment decision.

Here below are a set of things that make Nagpur a good place for property investments.


Nagpur is at a distance of 900 km away from Mumbai city, where as it is well-connected to rest of the country by roads, rail and air.

Nagpur Airport : The Dr.B.R.Ambedkar airport in Nagpur was commissioned during the First World War. Nagpur city now has an international airport connecting to major countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and UAE etc. The airport is on its way to being expanded into a multi-modal international cargo hub. This airport will also have a special economic zone which will spread across a wide area of land.

Nagpur Road ways : Nagpur is a major junction for roadways with two major national highways (NH 7 and NH 6). The NH 7 road is between Kanyakumari and Varanasi and the NH 6 is between Hajira and Kolkata. Both these national highways pass through the city. The NH 47 connects Nagpur to Bhopal. The Maharashtra State road Transport Corporation also provides various buses which connects to every part of the city.

Railways : The Nagpur railway station is one the oldest and busiest stations in the country and has a total of 242 trains to various destinations across India. Of these 242 trains, 65 are daily trains and 26 terminate and originate at Nagpur.

Nagpur Metro : The state government has proposed a Metro project in Nagpur with 36 stations connecting the entire city. The metro is expected to reduce the traffic jams and further boost the economic development in the city. The Nagpur metro is set to be complete by March 2018.


The real estate price have greatly benefited from the industrial activity happening in and around the city. The mining industry is extremely popular with government owned mining companies. The famous Butibori Industrial estate in Nagpur is the largest industrial estate in Asia with companies like Hyundai, Gammon, and ACC etc. Prominent companies like Haldirams, Ajanta and Mahindra are based out of Nagpur. The high profiled industrial sector has also been able to provide several employment opportunities.

Educational Hub

Nagpur is the home to some premier institutions. With over 13 medical colleges and 27 engineering colleges, Nagpur has attracted several students across the country to pursue their higher education here. With IIM and AIIMS opening branches here, Nagpur will be receiving a boost to their education sector.


Nagpur has a rich tourism sector and has successfully attracted several tourists across the world. Sitabuldi Fort, Seminary hills, Deekshbhoomi, Maharajbhaj Zoo, Aadasa temple, VCA Stadium etc. are some popular tourist destinations within the city. Nagpur is also famous for its lakes and wildlife tourism. The Ambazari Lake and Futala Lake are some of the more popular ones. Nagpur is also surrounded by wildlife reserves such as Pench National Park, Bor Tiger Reserve and Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Political Hub

Nagpur is the place in Maharashtra where the winter assembly or the Vidhan Sabha is held every year. The headquarters of RSS the political party is in Nagpur and this major organization is nearly 90 years old.

The standard of living is high in Nagpur and being the third greenest city in the country, it has attracted several investors to buy properties. The rapid infrastructural and social development has made Nagpur a great city to live in.

On that note..

Let’s take a quick peek into how the average prices of the city have changed around the last decade ( 2009- 2019 )

The Bar above, explains how the prices have a consistent rise without any sudden falls or rices in the price. Which makes it one of the best investment places, specially if you are looking for consistent growth and returns.

Some of the best locations to invest in Nagpur are mentioned below along with the Property Prices at the moment. (2019)

To find the best available options for buying a property, rental homes, or new projects in Nagpur checkout : Nagpur Property

Disclaimer : The views expressed above are for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.

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