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Find All The Details on Property Tax in Mumbai

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  • 26th Jul 2021
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Find All The Details on Property Tax in Mumbai

The Municipal Corporation of the bigger urban center once called the Metropolis Municipal Corporation is the ruling public form of the urban center, the capital town of Maharashtra. It is India's one of the richest public corporations. The annual budget of MCGM's beats that of several smaller states of the nation. It had been established beneath the metropolis Municipal Corporation Act. MCGM is accountable for the public foundation and management of the town and a few suburbs.

In the year 2017, the legislative assembly of MCGM additionally called the Corporation Counsel of almost 227 people. The 2017 year was the primary time, thirty-one aspirants were opposed from one ward. One of the aspirants was named Raghvendra Singh, a freelance aspirant at the age of twenty-one.

BMC Online Services

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History of MCGM

Bombay was the primary British Indian possession that came as a section of the royal dower in 1661 to King Charles II of European country on his wedding to the Portuguese aristocrat, Infanta Catherine Delaware Braganza. Ironically enough, the metropolis additionally set the stage for India’s freedom movement, similarly as for a few of its landmarks, together with Gandhiji's 1942 decision to a people to "Quit India". The metropolis reported that in 1885, the Indian National Congress was born. It is a junction rectifier to India’s struggle for political independence and to the liquidation of a people's Empire in an indirect manner.

The name "Bombay" was changed to "Mumbai" by Corporation Resolution No.512 dated August twelve, 1996, Maharashtra Act of 1996. During the time between the increase and fall of a people's Empire, the metropolis bit by bit developed into a city, a city, and a metropolis of world honor. Today, the Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika covers a region of 480.24 Sq. Km with a population of 1,19,14,378 as per the census of 2001. The metropolis accounts for a major portion of India's international trade and government income, from being one of the foremost centers of education, science, and technological analysis and advancement. It is additionally pertinent to notice that Mumbai's comprehensive growth owed heaps to the first development of the system of regime beneath British rule.

MCGM property tax guide

In Mumbai formerly known as Bombay, the acquisition and management of property tax were taken care of by a government body called BMC i.e. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in the Marathi dialect and MCGM i.e. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai referred to in English. Moreover, New Mumbai also known as Navi Mumbai is controlled by NMMC i.e. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

Introduction to property tax in Mumbai

BMC was established under the urban center Municipal Corporation Act in the year 1888, it is one of the richest corporations in India. BMC supports a property value-based method for land tax calculation.

Due date and penalty

  • The maturity for payment of land tax in BMC is the thirtieth Gregorian calendar month.
  • The penalty is charged at two per month just in case of delay in payment on the far side of the maturity on the outstanding quantity of land tax.

How to view property tax bills online in Mumbai?

To view your outstanding dues and land tax bills online in the metropolis, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Citizen Portal Services ( and enter your property/account variety.

Step 2: Enter the captcha. You may be redirected to your account, where you will be able to read all of your outstanding and paid land tax bills.

How to calculate BMC property tax online/MCGM property tax formula?

The land tax could be a proportion of the capital price of the estate/house.

Property tax = charge per unit * Capital price

Where capital price = Rate of base value * usage factor * building sort * floor issue * age factor *Total carpet area/area of land just in case of vacant land.

The base price relies on the handbook that is used to calculate taxation by the revenue authority.

An estate tax is calculated online at BMC web portal ( by giving the following details:

  1. Ward
  2. Locality
  3. Usage
  4. Area
  5. Zone
  6. Total carpet space
  7. Floor-type
  8. Year of construction
  9. Occupancy sort

How to pay property tax online using MCGM in Mumbai?

Property tax will be paid each offline and online in Pune.

Step-by-Step Guide: Online payment on the BMC/MCGM web portal:

  • Go to the BMC online website (
  • In the "Online Services" label, click on the button "pay property tax".
  • Fill in the property account range (registered on the higher portion of recent capital levy receipt) and select whether or not you wish to look at the below options:
  • Outstanding bills
  • View ‘receipts
  • Make payment
  • You can additionally visit the BMC subject login portal ( and enter your property account range for logging in.
  • If one cannot grasp the property account range, one should click on the "search" button.
  • Once you are successfully logged in, confirm details of the assets that are presented and then click on the button "accept".
  • The total outstanding quantity year-wise are going to be displayed.
  • Enter the quantity you want to clear (note payments are going to be settled on a first in first out principle) and agree on the "online payment" button.
  • BMC web portal currently supports solely web banking. Select a bank /payment entranceway credential, plus click on "pay now" and create the payment.
  • Download the receipt for later use.
  • You can additionally download then print the receipt as specified on top of it by visiting the BMC online website ( and selecting to look at ‘receipts’ underneath ‘online services.

Online payment NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation)

Property taxes to NMMC are paid digitally by visiting the NMMC website ( and getting into ‘property code’.

Offline payment: Manual payment can be done by visiting one of the BMC centers. It is paid at the closest assistant revenue workplace or BMC help centers, or subject facilitation center in any respect ward offices.

How to get the BMC property tax bill by email?

The BMC has currently proclaimed that property taxpayers will get their bill in their inbox if they fill the KYC i.e. Know Your Client type online. All notifications, alerts, and tax bills are sent to the registered email ID, once the KYC formalities are completed by the voters. All taxpayers should complete the KYC as shortly as doable and avert delayed payment penalties of the capital as per the civic body’s request.

Here’s the way to do the KYC on the BMC capital levy portal:

Step 1: Go to the MCGM subject Portal ( and enter your property account range.

Step 2: Fill in the captcha given and click on the ‘login’ button.

Step 3: Transfer the requisite documents and submit the genuine copy.

Step 4: Enter the email address and phone details for receiving capital levy alerts through email and SMS.

Step 5: Once approved, you may get the confirmation in your email.

Exception/Permission from payment of property tax

  • Property completely utilized for public offering/generous purpose.
  • Properties happiness to Strategic or diplomat Purpose of a far off State as such as by the state management.
  • Houses/Flats measurement but five hundred Sq. Ft is excluded from the amount of the capital levy.
  • 60% permit on the capital levy for apartment measurement within 500 to 700 square measure.

Income Tax Indications

Identify to assert the municipal taxes given throughout the time as a reduction from your family property financial gain.

MCGM property tax latest news

Jan 21, 2021: Land tax bills on email, BMC asks voters to register on the web portal

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on weekday said that land tax bills are going to be on the market via e-mail and urged voters to fill KYC forms on the BMC’s web portal. The BMC forced all the taxpayers in Mumbai to replenish the KYC i.e. Know Your Client on the link concerning land tax.

“Kindly replenish the relevant authentic details. Taxpayers can receive updates/notifications through email on registered email/SMS on registered mobile numbers concerning land tax. The land tax bills will be received on registered email id,” the BMC said during a statement.

Apr 27, 2020: A medical checkup of the BMC budget

Earlier this year once the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) declared its budget very little did it understand that town would be affected by a scourge that might bleed its resources. Actually, in its budget, the BMC had projected to strengthen the health infrastructure of the monetary capital of the Republic of India. But the epidemic hit as nobody would have unreal and reports currently emerge of shortage of beds, PPE (personal protective equipment), and alternative necessities in town hospitals.

As of 31st Dec 2019, reserves of BMC were at ₹78,669 chromium (including reserves towards committed liabilities). Their revenue financial gain is ₹23,846 large integers and revenue expenditure ₹19,240 Crore, transporting their surplus at ₹4,606 Crore.

Nov 14, 2019: Income Tax department raids BMC contractors

Amid a high-voltage political drama in Maharashtra, the tax department has turned its glare on a clutch of huge contractors employed by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) - a knife Sena defensive structure.

IT aforesaid that they had conducted search action in Bombay and Surat on Gregorian calendar month, 6 on entry suppliers and beneficiaries. UN agencies are engaged within the execution of civil contracts primarily BMC. “Exposure on record difficulties and issues that are mentioned above is to the number of ₹735 crores and range of settlement records is getting measured”, the press media states that an entirety of thirty-seven assets was placed underneath quest action as well as the seven assets were arranged below the study. There have been stories that surely the contractors had received records within the type of loans from entry suppliers and conjointly inflated costs within the records of accounts to defeat financial gain.

In Asia, BMC is the richest civic body. In keeping with sources, a minimum of two of the contractors raided by IT square measure blacklisted by the civic body associate degrees, their promoters had been in remission by the Bombay Police in an over Rs Three hundred crores road repair scam.

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